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The goal of this portal is to explore and discuss when, where and how software modeling and model-driven engineering (and when NOT) can improve current development practices. I hope to involve both practitioners and researchers in the discussion (make sure your voice is heard!). More »

Explicating and reasoning with model uncertainty

uncertain model

Our speci fication of models with uncertainty implicitly encodes a set of alternative possible models, where we are not sure which is the correct one

The GEMOC Initiative – On the Globalization of Modeling Languages

Gemoc logo

(guest post by Benoit Combemale and the rest of the advisory board introducing the GEMOC initiative).   The New Grand Challenge of the Globalization of Modeling Languages   The development of modern complex software-intensive systems often involves the use of multiple DSMLs that capture different system aspects. In addition, models of the system aspects are seldom

Put some muscle into your UML: ArnoldC code generator


ArnoldC is a programming language using quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger. This code generator provides creates ArnoldC programs from UML activity diagram.

Composing JSON-based Web APIs


We keep on working on our research work about the discovery of implicit schemas from JSON documents. Some months ago we presented the release of the webpage allowig you to play with the tool. We would like to give you an update about our advances. This time we have focused on how our tool can help

My software modeling and development news of the week (July 20th, 2014)

A new edition of my (curated) selection of my tweets during the week to quickly follow what was going on in the software world this week

Another (failed) software engineering prediction

Software Engineering failed predictions

Soon … a good proportion of software, like hard goods, will be automatically manufactured, cutting the size of software teams immensely. The plight of the software engineer looks no less ominous in the future than that of the blue collar worked uprooted by the increasing application of industrial robots” (as read on the Computer Magazine,

Modeling mobile applications with Mobile IFML


Eric Umuhoza explains his work on mobile IFML, an extension of IFML focusing on mobile devices (to be presented at the MobiWIS conference).  Enter Eric. Front-end design is a more complex task in mobile applications due mainly to: (1) the smallness of the screens of mobile devices. This constraint requires an extra effort in interaction

Modeling in the Agile Age: What to Keep Next to Code to Scale Agile Teams


The CEO of Change Vision gives his views on Agile development, focusing on where “modeling” will fit, and how it can bring the best value in it as a whole.

JavaScript is taking over the Internet – the WordPress example

JavaScript logo

JavaScript is “invading” many PHP-based existing projects. As an example, we show the evolution of JavaScript code in WordPress

IFML – Interaction Flow Modeling Language 1.0 – Tutorial


Marco Brambilla has released the slides of his tutorial on IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) presented at the ICWE’14 conference. For sure, a presentation to add to my list of useful presentations on Model-Driven Engineering (DSLs, UML, Eclipse Modeling technologies,…) as soon as we have the time to update the list. Enjoy his tutorial! IFML

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