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Interview with Francis Bordeleau on Papyrus, “the” modeling platform in Eclipse

Learn more about the past, present and future of Papyrus and the industry of software /systems

A benchmark for OCL tools

I believe as a community we need to have mature UML and OCL benchmarks to help

Glossary of modeling terms

Contribute to our glossary of software modeling / model-driven terms . You can do it

OMG in 2014: A new standard every day

Are we publishing too many standards? Do you think they are actually useful? Can you guess

The open source IFML editor for Eclipse in GitHub

Create your own IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) diagrams thanks to our free Eclipse editor for

Object Constraint Language (OCL) v. 2.4 has now been released

Ed Willink , the driving force behind the standard AND implementation tasks for the OCL language

Has MDA been abandoned (by the OMG)?

(Note that I’m strictly referring to the MDA standard, not to model-driven engineering in general). In

UML specification length compared with other languages

A few days ago Jonas Elfström tweeted the page count of several language specifications (based on

Standardization of Data Interchange with MDE

Fabian Büttner talks about his work on “Model-driven Standardization of Public Authority Data Interchange” (to appear

User interface modeling with the new IFML standard

UML is good to model many things but clearly misses the point when it comes to design complex

UML is now an ISO standard (and also OCL, KDM,…)

Antonio Vallecillo (one of the best information sources for this portal as you may have already

New OCL version available: OCL 2.3.1

Two years after the previous version (OCL 2.2), the OMG has now released the new OCL

Closure operation added to OCL

This is big news! Now OCL has a closure operation (thanks to Martin for alerting me ).

Two new OMG RFPs: more flexible UML profiles and Foundations for Agile methods creation

The OMG never sleeps and is preparing two more Request For Proposals: A new “metamodel extension

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