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Automatic Generation of Test Cases for REST APIs: a Specification-Based Approach

The REpresentation State Transfer (REST) has gained momentum as the preferred technique to design Web APIs.

ATLTest – White box testing of (ATL) model transformations

Recently, at MODELS 2012, we (Jordi and myself, Carlos González) had the opportunity to present our

How a software development team faces a bug in the software (cartoon)

(discovered via Jon Segador)

Creating DSLs that fit the users’ needs (Panel at MiSE´12)

As participant in the panel about “Creation of DSLs” in the last MiSE workshop I was

EMFtoCSP – Checking the quality of your UML and EMF (static) models

Creating (correct) models isn’t an easy task. Modeling isn’t easy, and as it happens with any

Using Models of Partial Knowledge to Test Model Transformations

If you are interested in the field of testing model transformations you may want to take

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