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Quality Aspects in Model Driven Engineering (COMLAN Special Issue)

Our special issue on Quality in Model-Driven Engineering has now been finalized and published online in the Computer

Smart bounded verification for UML / OCL models

Correctness of UML diagrams annotated with OCL constraints can be checked using bounded verification. We show

Modeling, verifying and generating embedded software with Dezyne

Our review of Dezyne, a great tool to quickly model, verify and generate component-based software.

Evaluating the Maturity of the Eclipse Modeling Ecosystem

Often, modeling tools are regarded as immature and therefore not ready for industrial adoption. Read on

MegaMart2 – Model-based continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems

A new research project focusing on a scalable model-based framework for continuous development and runtime validation

Practical and Scalable model-driven verification: Lessons Learnt

Is it possible to apply model-based verification techniques on large systems? Before saying no way!, check

State of the art on static model verification tools

During the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012, Jordi and myself (Carlos

UMLtoCSP – Check the quality of your UML class diagrams with Constraint Programming

UMLtoCSP helps you to check that your UML class diagrams (extended with OCL constraints) satisfy a

Checking Model Transformation Refinement

Next month, at the Int. Conf. on Model Transformation (ICMT), AtlanMod, in cooperation with ATOS Research

Lightweight mechanism to reason on String values

Our paper Lightweight String Reasoning in Model Finding by Fabian Büttner and myself has been accepted

A model-driven approach for the extraction of network access-control policies

(work presented at MDsec’12 co-authored with Salvador Martínez, Joaquin García-Alfaro, Frédéric Cuppens, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia and myself).  Network security

ATLTest – White box testing of (ATL) model transformations

Recently, at MODELS 2012, we (Jordi and myself, Carlos González) had the opportunity to present our

On verifying ATL transformations using ‘off-the-shelf’ SMT solvers

(post by Fabian Büttner) Recently, at this year’s MODELS conference, we (Fabian, myself and Marina Egea)

Catalogue of refactorings for model transformations

Last issue of JOT included our paper Manuel Wimmer, Salvador Martínez, Frédéric Jouault, Jordi Cabot, A Catalogue

How a software development team faces a bug in the software (cartoon)

(discovered via Jon Segador)

Lightweight String Reasoning for OCL

Most domain models include a number of constraints which frequently deal with text data (e.g. checking

Creating DSLs that fit the users’ needs (Panel at MiSE´12)

As participant in the panel about “Creation of DSLs” in the last MiSE workshop I was

EMFtoCSP – Checking the quality of your UML and EMF (static) models

Creating (correct) models isn’t an easy task. Modeling isn’t easy, and as it happens with any

Using Models of Partial Knowledge to Test Model Transformations

If you are interested in the field of testing model transformations you may want to take

Lightweight Verification of Executable Models

Related to the previous post on the static verification of transformations, now Elena explains how to

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