Do you need to convince your project manager about the benefits of modeling and model-driven processes? Maybe you could mention that modeling:

  • Improves the productivity of the development team (e.g. models can be used for a semi-automatic code-generation)
  • Reduces the number of defects in the final code (models facilitate early evaluation of the system)
  • Capture and organize the understanding of the system (which btw, eases the integration of new team members). Models are well suited for documentation
  • Permit early exploration of alternatives
  • Increases the decomposition and modularization of the system
  • Facilitates the system’s evolution and maintenance (e.g. by facilitating tracing back the code to the original requirements)
  • Facilitates the reuse of parts of the system in  new projects

Do you agree with these benefits? Which ones should be removed? Which ones added?