Antonio Vallecillo has published a must-read article (I’ve already done that myself!) in the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Information Systems and Software Engineering for Big Companies

In the article, Antonio tries to:

examine the current state of MDE in industry, summarize the current obstacles for adoption, and discuss the advantages that it should bring to businesses and its limitations. Finally, some ideas for a smoother transition towards a wider adoption of MDE are outlined.

After reviewing some misconceptions on MDE and reviewing all the existing literature on the industry adoption of model-driven engineering, he goes through the main hurdles to MDE adoption and discusses how we (MDE researchers) can help to minimize them. Not easy but he is at least optimistic and ends the paper with the following paragraph:

Whether or not the industry eventually accepts MDE as a major technology solution for the engineering of its software systems is always difficult to predict, despite the recognizable signs currently provided by all indicators. Experience is showing that MDE is able to successfully address many of the traditional shortcomings in software development and maintenance of software systems, and to provide significant benefits and value to businesses. The key to progress now lies in all parties working together to make these new technologies available so that software applications can be more systematically, quantifiably, and predictably developed, resulting in more robust, reliable and useful software systems

Read the full article here.

Featured image is the bottom part of this Australian Paralympic Committee picture so, no, none of the legs above belong to Antonio though for the good shape of them, they could 🙂

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