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Ever wondered if you’re into something with your new product idea? Do you have a prototype and need some honest advice to move forward? Are you well ahead in its development and want some feedback before it’s too late to change course (if needed)? Or maybe the tool is doing well but you could use some advice on how to bring it to the next level?

If you recognize yourself in one of these scenarios, you should contract one of our tool reviews. Forget about friends and family (which will always have nice words but won’t be losing their money if things go wrong) and get our expert advice based on more than a decade building tools (some examples: JSONDiscoverer, EMF-REST for modeling on the web, EMFtoCSP to check the quality of models, MoDisco for reverse engineering, ATL for model transformation, Collaboro for collaborative modeling and a long et cetera) and doing top-level research in the software modeling and development field.

We’ll write a detailed report covering both technical (interface, features, user experience,…) and commercial (competitors, product-market fit, business model,…) aspects. The report will be at least 1500 words long.

Publication is up to you – what we are selling is the analysis itself. If you feel that reflects well upon you, or if you feel it will draw useful attention to what you are doing, we will be happy to publish it on this site (no extra charge for that) and on all our social media channels.

See a couple of recent tool review examples: Dezyne and g9.

The cost of this post reviewing and publishing service is 1400 USD.

Get in touch right now!  and do not forget to check out our other services (sponsored posts, ads, consulting).

Want to build better software faster?

Want to build better software faster?

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