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We often receive emails from companies/developers interested in announcing the launch of their new tool/service. There are some free options to feature your tool but for commercial ones, we offer the option of sponsored posts.

If you have (or plan to write) an article about your product and want to reach thousands of targeted software engineers through this site (2800 subscribers to our mailing list, over 1000 daily visitors, 6000 twitter followers, 5000 Facebook fans, 1 million visits overall …), this option is for you!.

All we require is that you prepare an original unique article yourself and also submit any relevant images. We’ll go over the post and approve it before publishing it to make sure it benefits our readers (obviously, if we decline to publish it, you won’t be charged). But we’ll do more than just approving it, we’ll carefully read and suggest changes that we believe will make the post more attractive to our readers. And if you want a more in-deep analysis of your tool, please consider also ordering a tool review.

The cost for this post reviewing and publishing service is 640 USD.

Want to build better software faster?

Want to build better software faster?

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