XMI Archive

A (pseudo) random instance generator for EMF models

Create random models to test your modeling tools. Make them as large as you need them

Model Interchange Test Case Results Available

My dream: “Model once open everywhere” seems now a little bit closer. The Model Interchange Working

SDMetrics – Software Design Metrics tool for the UML

Today, in a guest post, Juergen Wuest presents us his tool SDMetrics . Read his post

Model once open anywhere – Definitely not true (an example)

I think many of us would agree that the (practically inexistent) interoperability among current UML tools

Eclipse MDT/UML2 as XMI de facto standard?

Some years ago, Rational had a dominant position in the UML CASE tools market. As a

Microsoft Visio UML to XMI export

Microsoft Visio 2003 included a XMI Export component to export UML models to XMI-compliant files. However

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