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Do you want to see how software modeling,  model-driven engineering (MDE) or the very popular low-code and nocode tools can help your company? Would you like to introduce these development practices in your organization don’t know where to start?

Don’t get left behind!. We (myself with a little help from my friends if needed) can help!.

Contact us to discuss possible On-site/Off-site consulting & teaching opportunities (in English, French or Spanish) regarding:

  • Seminars focused on giving a vendor-independent view of the current trends in model-driven engineering (Executable UML, UML vs DSLs, model-to-model and model-to-text transformations, code-generation vs model interpretation, low code and no code approaches…) and how they could benefit your company. I’ve co-authored the most popular teaching book on model-driven engineering, used in over 100 universities around the world.
  • Support in the implantation of a new model-driven development process in your company
  • Advisory tasks in your MDE projects (before: definition of the MDE strategy for the project, project planning …; and during the project: managing MDE aspects in the project, evaluating the quality of the generated artefacts,…).
  • Selection of the best tool for your particular context. We have links with all major tool vendors. We know their offerings and can recommend you the best option for your specific needs!
  • Honest advice on your new idea/software product. We’ll review the product, the site and your commercialization plans and give our crude opinion on them! (this could include, if interested, sharing part of the review of the tool in the blog).
  • … and any other aspect you would like to propose.

Get in touch right now!  and do not forget to check out our other services (sponsored postsads, tool reviews).

Want to build better software faster?

Want to build better software faster?

Read about the latest trends on software modeling and low-code development

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