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PyEcore: a Python(ic) Implementation of the Eclipse Modeling Framework

Looking for an alternative to the "standard" Java-based Eclipse Modeling Framework? Try this Python implementation of EMF with an emphasis on modeling flexibility and scripting (e.g. to write model transformations)

UMLtoSQL, UMLtoSymfony/PHP and UMLtoDjango/Python are now open source and available in GitHub

A set of open source Java classes in GitHub to generate SQL, Python-Django or PHP-Symfony code from simple UML class diagrams

Development practices at APSL, a SME that loves Python & Django

Learn why this SME uses Python/Django as preferred programming environment, how they use UML, the development method they follow and much more!

PyNSource – Python UML tool – 1.6 released

A new version of PyNSource , a reverse engineering tool for Python source code (see others)

Displaying UML class diagrams in ASCII

One of the UML tools for python includes the option of displaying the generated UML class

pywebuml – create UML class diagrams from Java, C# and python files

Pywebml is a new addition to our list of UML tools for python. Pywebml uses graphviz