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Fixing defects in integrity constraints via constraint mutation

Defining the right constraints for any system is a challenging task that risks over-constraining or under-constraining

The secret life of rules in Software Engineering

Summary of my invited talk at the RuleML+RR conference where I discussed why rules are not

An Empirical Study on Simplification of Business Process Modeling Languages

A empirical study presenting a methodology to adapt/personalize modeling languages, illustrated with the domain of business

Modelling BPMN 2.0 with has accomplished the creation of a free and open source platform for both experts and

From spreadsheets to dataflow diagrams

Via It will never work in practice, I discover the work (and of Felienne Hermans, Martin

Extracting business rules out of Java – An MDE approach

Valerio Cosentino presented in the RuleML Symposium held in conjunction with ECAI 2012 (20th biennial European

BPMN Composer tool

Today we have a guest post by Yves Yang introducing his tool BPMN Composer (“The Modeler

Modeling social aspects of (software) processes

Check the blog post I’ve written for the ARIS Community blog (digital home of all ARIS

Adding to the confusion: UML Profile for BPMN

Since the OMG added BPMN to its catalog of Business Modeling and Management Specifications I was

Rule Interchange Format is now a W3C Standard

W3C announces the publication of a new standard for building rule systems on the Web: Rule

Activiti BPM suite

Activiti IS an OPEN source business process management AND workflow system that includes a BPMN 2.0

Physical Mobile Workflows

Last week I had the honor to be part of the jury that evaluated the PhD

Oryx – a web-based and wave-based BPMN editor

UPDATE: Oryx has been discontinued. Its most direct descendant is the commercial product Signavio (still ofering

SinelaboreRT – Generate efficient source code from UML state diagrams

Today we have a guest post by Peter Mueller. He is going to introduce to all

(Re)discovering the business rules manifesto

I recently (re)discovered the Business Rules Manifesto that states the importance of business rules and how

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