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Model-IA: the future virtual assistant for programmers ( combining modeling and artificial intelligence)

Read about a new project between CEA List and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya on the integration of Artificial Intelligence in software development tools.

MegaMart2 – Model-based continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems

A new research project focusing on a scalable model-based framework for continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems

Modeling in the Browser: What DSL Forge gives for free

A web front-end for your modeling software thanks to this technology to develop domain-specific language editors for web apps and cloud IDEs

Open data for all: an API-based approach (interested?)

A project proposal to make open data sources accessible to non-techincal people by using API techniques to unify and combine their knowledge

A crowdsourcing experiment to choose the best BPMN language syntax

Help us to choose the best BPMN notation as part of this crowdsourcing experiment where we aim to test the usefulness of crowdsourcing when it comes to create language notations.

MONDO Project – Scalable modeling and model management in the cloud

Check the web page of one of the latests projects AtlanMod is involved: MONDO – Scalable

ARTIST EU IP Project: Rejuvenate legacy applications

AtlanMod is a partner in the new european project ARTIST . To know what the project

Sphinx Eclipse Project

Sphinx is “a new open source project under the Eclipse Model Development Tools (MDT) subproject to

EMF Facet (a UML profile-like mechanism for EMF?)

EMF Facet is a new Eclipse Modeling Project lead by MIA-Software and with the collaboration of

OPEN Health Tools – Model-Driven Health Tools project (MDHT)

The OPEN Health Tools - Model-Driven Health Tools project (MDHT) aims TO provide modeling tooling extensions TO the Eclipse Modeling Project FOR healthcare applications, AND IN particular, TO produce implementations FOR the HL7 standard .Another interesting project TO follow!

Does Microsoft still believe in model-driven development? – the Oslo move

WHEN Microsoft started Oslo (IN short, Microsoft strategy FOR model-driven development consisting IN the M modeling LANGUAGE + the Quadrant modeling environment + a model repository), we ALL became very excited. If Microsoft was keen ON investing IN MDD it was a good indication that they were convinced that they could make SOME money out OF it.

What is the roadmap for Microsoft “Oslo” Modeling Technologies?

AS many other people I was (AND still am) excited about Microsoft Oslo . Microsoft showing an increasing interest IN modeling technologies IS always good news (e.g. this means they think they can make SOME money WITH modeling).

The problem IS that it IS still unclear (AT least TO me) what Microsoft pretends TO do WITH Oslo.

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