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The OCL repository (updated)

Check (and contribute to) the OCL repository in GitHub

Twitter accounts of UML, modeling, model-driven and low-code tools

My twitter list with the official accounts of UML, modeling and model-driven tools I know

Adoption of model-driven engineering in open source projects

First empirical study on the adoption of Eclipse-based modelling technologies in open-source projects on GitHub. Promising

Glossary of modeling terms

Contribute to our glossary of software modeling / model-driven terms . You can do it

One (virtual) model repository to rule them all

My proposal of a virtual federation of existing model repositories as the best way to finally

HatePaste (a place to share terrible code) for models?

Do you know the HatePaste site? It’s a place where you can share and vote the

UML diagrams available online – some examples

Via Andrea Baruffaldi (with whom I coordinate the UML Lovers LinkedIn Group, feel free to join

Evidence-based repository of method fragments

ProcessExperience.Org is a public knowledge base to share the experiences of practitioners when it comes to

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