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Twitter accounts of UML, modeling and model-driven tools

My twitter list with the official accounts of UML, modeling and model-driven tools I know

Adoption of model-driven engineering in open source projects

First empirical study on the adoption of Eclipse-based modelling technologies in open-source projects on GitHub. Promising results!

Glossary of modeling terms

Contribute to our glossary of software modeling / model-driven terms . You can do it through the github repostory created to support this effort.

One (virtual) model repository to rule them all

My proposal of a virtual federation of existing model repositories as the best way to finally have a useful set of modeling artefacts for the research community

The OCL repository

Check (and contribute to) the OCL repository in GitHub

HatePaste (a place to share terrible code) for models?

Do you know the HatePaste site? It’s a place where you can share and vote the

UML diagrams available online – some examples

Via Andrea Baruffaldi (with whom I coordinate the UML Lovers LinkedIn Group, feel free to join

Evidence-based repository of method fragments

ProcessExperience.Org is a public knowledge base to share the experiences of practitioners when it comes to use of different software development methodologies.

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