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I will model your software for 5 USD

Well, I will NOT but Fiverr has plenty of people willing to take modeling gigs for

100 Essential Software Engineering Quotes on Instagram

Over one hundred key quotes to remember when learning and practicing software engineering

My new site on Software Engineering (in Spanish)

Do you want to learn Software Engineering? Do you speak Spanish? If so, this site is

Modeling & development tweets in Spanish

Quick shout-out to all my Spanish-speaking twitter followers: you can now follow the “spanish-version” of my

Glossary of modeling terms

Contribute to our glossary of software modeling / model-driven terms . You can do it

Modeling languages in Pinterest

Check our pinterest site and recommend other models / modeling languages and software development cartoons that

Metrics and charts to see the evolution of the WordPress codebase

5 people are responsible for more than 50% of all commits in WordPress. Read this &

In 2008, I bought a book titled “PHP 6”. Six years later, PHP version is still 5.5

On the slow evolution of the PHP language (at the very least at the eyes of

JavaScript is taking over the Internet – the WordPress example

JavaScript is "invading" many PHP-based existing projects. As an example, we show the evolution of JavaScript

World Wide Modeling: The agility of the web applied to model repositories

A new initiative that distributes models in the form of model fragments linked together just as

Lyrical flowcharts

LucidChart (one of the most popular web-based modeling tools) is creating youtube videos showing popular songs

A better understanding of Drupal module interactions thanks to UML

You already know that I dropped Drupal to move to WordPress but this doesn’t mean I’m

Migrating Drupal 6 to WordPress 3

Learn how to migrate from Drupal to WordPress. Free Java program to perform the migration (source

Feature Matrix summarizing existing Language Workbenches

Pedro J. Molina has posted a very useful summary of the main features of all language

Modeling Safe Interface Interactions in Web Applications

My colleague Marco Brambilla has just presented our tool demo (Marco Brambilla, Jordi

A periodic table of visualization methods

Via Robert Clarisó , a link to a nice periodic table of visualization methods . The

Oryx – a web-based and wave-based BPMN editor

UPDATE: Oryx has been discontinued. Its most direct descendant is the commercial product Signavio (still ofering

Impact of having a blog post appearing in DZone (and similars)

Last week, my interview on TextUML was promoted to the “popular links” category in DZone a

Some thoughts on simplifying the OCL

Jonathan Musset has just written a blog post on “Simple OCL” where he summarizes our discussion

Sample UML interview questions (what NOT to ask IMHO)

I was today glancing through several pages (like this one and this one ) collecting UML

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