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Top 5 modeling posts of the year (2016 edition)

Over 300.000 visitors stopped by this site in 2016 . Let's see what their favourite content was (among all posts written during this same year). This is your chance to discover (or reread) them!

Lucidchart – an online modeling tool that just raised 36 million dollars

After their investment round, we catch up with Lucidchart's COO to see what we can expect from the Ludichart web-based modeling tool in the future

Low-code platforms, the new buzzword

The rise of low-code platforms, the latest reincarnation of model-driven engineering and code-generation tools

Over one million visitors for the site (even if it took me 7 years)

Some stats on what we have accomplished in these seven years online plus the five posts that got the most visits in one single day ever

Interview with OutSystems, a model-driven company that raised $55M in funding

Last month, I woke up with the news that OutSystems Raised $55M For Its Rapid Application Delivery

Modeling languages in Pinterest

Check our pinterest site and recommend other models / modeling languages and software development cartoons that you would like to see there

Open Postdoc Positions

Quick note to let you know that there are currently a couple of open calls for postdoc positions that you could apply for if you'd like to work with us.

Want to become a full professor on a Model-Driven Engineering chair?

École des Mines de Nantes in partnership with Inria are hiring a full professor on Mines de Nantes - Inria chair in Software Engineering and Model-Driven Engineering

Mendix (a “MDD company”) raises $25M in funding

By now, I guess you all know already that Mendix has closed a $25 million Series

Towards the standardization of a web modeling language

Marco Brambilla AND Stefano Butti have launched an initiative TO make WebML a (OMG) standard modeling LANGUAGE FOR web applications (especially regarding the USER interaction aspects).

Microsoft dropping Quadrant – Another step backwards in its MDD strategy

After "refocusing" Oslo (in short, the Microsoft strategy for model-driven development consisting in the M modeling language + the Quadrant modeling environment + a model repository) we were left wondering if Microsoft still believed in model-driven development .

OPEN Health Tools – Model-Driven Health Tools project (MDHT)

The OPEN Health Tools - Model-Driven Health Tools project (MDHT) aims TO provide modeling tooling extensions TO the Eclipse Modeling Project FOR healthcare applications, AND IN particular, TO produce implementations FOR the HL7 standard .Another interesting project TO follow!

Rule Interchange Format is now a W3C Standard

W3C announces the publication OF a new standard FOR building rule systems ON the Web: Rule Interchange Format (RIF).

The goal OF RIF IS TO facilitate the interoperation AND interchange BETWEEN various rule languages AND rule engines. RIF defines a common XML serialization LANGUAGE FOR several declarative rule languages (LIKE OMG SBVR, OMG PRR, SWRL, a subfamily OF RuleML, etc)

Jolt awards for the best design and modeling tool

EMF4CPP (a C++ implementation of EMF)

EMF4CPP (formerly Ecore2CPP) is a C++ implementation and type mapping for the Eclipse Modeling Framework core, the Ecore metamodel.

UML still dominating the MDE job market

A quick look AT the MDE keywords appearing IN job offers show that UML IS still by far the most common MDE skill requested. Probably the fact that SOME still think that UML IS a development method helps.

Combining Model Driven Engineering and Cloud Computing: MaaS (Modeling as a Service)

After a FIRST brainstorming SESSION , we have developed our ideas about how cloud computing can change the way people use model-driven engineering nowadays.

MacA&D – UML modeling tool for MACs

The new version OF the MacA&D (v. 3.1) modeling tool includes support FOR ALL major UML 2.2. diagrams AND extended code-generation features FOR the SQL, C++, Objective-C, Java, PHP AND REALbasic languages. You can READ the FULL press release here

This tool has been added TO the (very short) list OF UML/MDD tools FOR MAC . Pointers TO other tools will be appreciated.

Impact of having a blog post appearing in DZone (and similars)

Last week, my interview on TextUML was promoted to the “popular links” category in DZone a

OMG initiatives in the health domain

IT news online reports about the collaboration between the OMG (Object Management Group) and HL7 (Health Level Seven International) in order to develop new standards for the healthcare industry.

As Richard Soley (chairman of the OMG) summarizes:

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