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Modeling languages in Pinterest

Check our pinterest site and recommend other models / modeling languages and software development cartoons that

I hate reading other people’s models (cartoon)

By Abstruse Goose, a great cartoon showing in a few vignettes the hard life of people

Lyrical flowcharts

LucidChart (one of the most popular web-based modeling tools) is creating youtube videos showing popular songs

How a software development team faces a bug in the software (cartoon)

(discovered via Jon Segador)

How users and programmers see each other

The most popular slide of my talk about quality in DSLs was the only one that

More UML Fanatics – UML Poems contest

Application scenarios for UML are clearly endless. I just discovered this old UML poems contest (similar

Blending UML into your real life (or the coolest profile picture ever)

Øystein Haugen‘s profile picture is the best example I’ve seen so far of using UML as

Make some money as UML teacher :-)

My recipe Step 1: Propose an UML assignment to your students (it doesn’t need to be

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