Among the many things I’m “cooking” for 2016 to renovate this site, I’ve reactivated our presence on Pinterest.

Beyond our existing board on beautiful modeling languages

Follow Jordi Cabot’s board “Beautiful” models and modeling languages on Pinterest.

I’ve added a second one on “beautiful models”, collecting examples of models of specially relevant (or curious) domains/scenarios.

Follow Jordi Cabot’s board Beautiful software and system models on Pinterest.

plus a third one on cartoons talking about the daily life of software developers / engineers. The goal is to entertain while at the same time sharing some hard lessons learnt regarding our profession.

Follow Jordi Cabot’s board Learning software development with humor on Pinterest.

and a final one on essential quotes for software developers. Little wisdom pearls to help you move forward.

Follow Jordi Cabot’s board Essential Quotes for Software Developers on Pinterest.

I’ll be updating both myself from what I see / read online but you can make my life easier (and the boards better) by letting me know at anytime suggestions to add on any of the boards.

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Want to build better software faster?

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