Even more than when I started it, I think that having a glossary of all modeling / model-driven related terms we use is key to make sure we know what we’re talking about (among us and with people from outside our domain).

This is the link to the current version of the glossary but I believe this should be more of a joint effort I’ve also created a GitHub repository (link) you could use to directly contribute to the glossary. Feel free also to open issues to suggest new terms (if you don’t want to add them yourself) or discuss the correctness of existing definitions.

Once a week I’ll merge the requests and update the online version with it (manually!, unfortunately, among the many plugins to embed GitHub info on a WordPress site none is able to replace a specific page/post with the contents of a GitHub file in a repo). Hope you decide to give a hand!

I’ll consider this also as a kind of experiment to see if you (my readers) feel like contributing more to the site if you can do it on GitHub. If so, I’ll open a few more pages and build up a bigger community involvement on the site.

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