Well, I will NOT but many people seem to be willing to do it, at least from what I see on Fiverr. Fiverr is the place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5 (or more but most jobs start at just 5 USD).

I already complained before about the crazy things some programmers seem to be willing to do for just 5 USD (which could make some sense if they were just planning to click on a button in a code-generator tool and send back the results) but I’ve now discovered that plenty of modeling tasks are also being offered. As of today, I counted over 100 people offering to create a uml diagram for you.

Most of them focus on the core UML diagrams but ER diagrams seem to be also popular (and quite a few people confuse the two, announcing one of them and using the other to illustrate the offering). Obviously, at this price, I guess the clients are basically students trying to get somebody to do their assignments and homework for a cheap price. To be honest, if somebody else tries to use this service for a real project, they deserve the crap they are going to get. Maybe some just use fiverr as a low-level entry strategy to get some larger projects with those clients (so that the 5 USD price never actually happens).

Still, I confess I was surprised there were enough (potential) clients to generate this UML fiverr market. Should I be then happy? Does this say something good about modeling?

In any case, as Antonio Vallecillo said loud and clear:

“Scott Ambler twitted the other day: Once it’s possible to sue someone for IT malpractice, or it’s possible that someone can be jailed for such, then we’ll be a TRUE profession. I wholeheartedly agree with this idea. Have you ever seen an architect advertising in Fiverr? What about a good lawyer? And a surgeon? Unless we take ourselves seriously, we cannot expect the rest to do so… (Or maybe we do not deserve to be taken seriously…).

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