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Continuous Model-Driven Engineering

Keep reading to see how we managed to combine modeling and continuous delivery and how this

Modeling Cyber-Physical Systems – Panel at MiSE 2016

Looking at Cyber-Physical Systems from a modeling / software engineering perspective. What are the challenges and

Development practices at APSL, a SME that loves Python & Django

Learn why this SME uses Python/Django as preferred programming environment, how they use UML, the development

Add a file to all your OSS projects

Who decides what feature requests / bug notifications to accept (and how? when?). OSS should clearly

Modeling in the Agile Age: What to Keep Next to Code to Scale Agile Teams

The CEO of Change Vision gives his views on Agile development, focusing on where “modeling” will

World Wide Modeling: The agility of the web applied to model repositories

A new initiative that distributes models in the form of model fragments linked together just as

The agile fever – yet another very dangerous fever

Alex Bell, who already alerted us about the dangers of the UML fever (see death by

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