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Why modeling tools don’t have affiliate programs?

Have you noticed that affiliate programs for modeling tools are mostly inexistent? Have you thought why

MDA is dead, long live MDE (according to Gartner)

Model-driven architectures (MDA) became obsolete before reaching full maturity. This a reflection of the market shift

xtUML – eXecutable Translatable UML Open Source Editor

xtUML is a new open source solution for executable UML based on the well-known BridgePoint tool.

GenMyModel (cloud-based UML tool) raises 500.000 Euros

Axellience, startup founded in 2012 and creator of the GenMyModel UML modeling tool, has raised 500.000

Mendix (a “MDD company”) raises $25M in funding

By now, I guess you all know already that Mendix has closed a $25 million Series

Applying MDE in Small Software Enterprises

Javier Cánovas presents his work on the application of MDE in Small Software Enterprises. Enter Javier.

NoFlo: Code-generation project in Kickstarter – A first

NoFlo has launched a kickstarter project to get 100.000 USD in funding for their Development and

Icinetic (Spanish MDD vendor) gets funded

Icinetic , a Spanish company specialized in the use of MDD and DSLs to improve productivity

Canappi (code-generation for mobile apps) is now open source

Jean-Jacques Dubray just announced his decision to open source Canappi, a cross-platform model-driven mobile application development

Two failed MDE startup stories

In its latest issue, Sosym (Software and Systems Modeling Journal) includes a paper where Tony Clark

Summaries of SE research apt for practitioners

Practitioners do not read research papers so reaching them to explain how our great research can

Why did I fail with the online code-generation services – Advise(III): Test your market exists

This is the third in a series of posts trying to explain what I think went

Very high customer acquisition cost for MDD tools

MDD tool vendors differ in many aspects but they have one thing in common. They all

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