mendix logoBy now, I guess you all know already that Mendix has closed a $25 million Series B investment, led by Battery Ventures to Fuel Product Innovation, Growth and Customer Success.

I do belive these are great news for our community (no, I will not pocket any of these 25M, at least, unless they increase the marketing budget and advertise with us). Money never lies so, among all the never ending discussions about modeling vs programming vs…. , it’s a positive sign that a MDD company (yes, they are more than this, and they call themselves an App Platform for the Enterprise, but still, they are one of ours 🙂 ) gets such a huge funding. Clearly, somebody believes MDE is / can become a big business. Also, this will bring some more attention to what we do. Those not participating in the funding may have the feeling that are missing out on the opportunity and spend some time taking a closer look to other similar companies / initiatives. So, good news for Mendix but also good news for all of us!

To know more about Mendix’s philosophy you can always take at this interview (2010) with Johan den Haan (Mendix CTO).

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