The OCL repository

Check (and contribute to) the OCL repository in GitHub

New release of EMF-REST (RESTful API for your EMF models): better and with more features

EMF-Rest brings your models to the web and now it comes with full CRUD support so that you can instantiate (and not only read their data) them online

The open source IFML editor for Eclipse in GitHub

Create your own IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) diagrams thanks to our free Eclipse editor for IFML.

In 2008, I bought a book titled “PHP 6″. Six years later, PHP version is still 5.5

On the slow evolution of the PHP language (at the very least at the eyes of an "outsider" to the PHP community)

Single-source modeling for embedded systems with UML / MARTE

Single-source approach methodology for the modeling of complex, heterogeneous, embedded systems in UML/MARTE

Specialization is for recruiters, not developers

Are you a generalist or a specialist? Should developers be one or the other?

20 examples of Domain Specific Modeling (presentation by MetaCase)

Another nice presentation from the people at MetaCase this time showing “20 different examples on using

EMFtoCSP (verification of UML and EMF + OCL models) moved to GitHub

Looking for a tool to help you evaluate the quality of your models?. Give EMFtoCSP a try, and even better, help us to make it better!

My software modeling and development news of the week in a few tweets (August, 17th 2014)

A new edition of my (curated) selection of tweets to quickly follow what was going on

The many ways to contribute to Open Source projects

Not a developer? You can still (and should) contribute to the open source projects you enjoy