List of OCL tools

The number of modeling tools supporting OCL is growing but still small. Of course, in all CASE tools UML models can be annotated with textual OCL expressions but this does not mean that the tool actually understand the expression, usually the expression is treated as any other kind of annotation written by the designer.

In last year’s edition OF the OCL workshop we organized a tool showcase where a number of (prototype) OCL tools were presented. You can also check the tool section in the OCL Portal AND the new OCL Eclipse plug-in.

We have also recently presented Oclarity , a productive authoring environment for the writing of OCL expressions and SimpleOCL an OCL component designed to be embedded in other MDE tools

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  1. nail2001 says:


    The AndroMDA project offers some OCL facilities, but i don’t know if they rely ON other library (maybe SOME OF the ones you already mentioned).

    Some years ago I used AndroMDA TO validate SOME OCL CONSTRAINTS IN the metamodel. IN this CASE OCL IS translated TO Java. – AndroMDA Web site – OCL Validation library

    There IS also another library TO make queries IN OCL.

    David Ameller.

    PS: If there IS NO OCL2C++ maybe there IS a Java2C++.

  2. jordi says:

    RIGHT now, AS far AS I know, AndroMDA IS able TO TRANSLATE OCL expressions TO Java (FOR SOME expressions) AND EJB-QL AND Hibernate-QL query languages.

  3. [...] (typeof(addthis_share) == "undefined"){ addthis_share = [];}SimpleOCL is a new addition to our OCL tool list [...]

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