Mohammed asked me about modeling tools with an OCL to SQL code generation feature. I’d say the list of ocl-to-sql tools is really small, in fact I can only think about 1 and a half tools:

  • DresdenOCL. That would be my default option. The tool has been around for a long time (I even tested it while working on my PhD thesis ). I don’t know whether the tool is still actively maintained (if any DresdenOCL guys read this, feel free to comment!). Mohammed claims that “Dresden OCL is not working with Eclipse Luna only with Kepler” but it doesn’t seem he has tried to reach out DresdenOCL people yet so don’t take this for granted
  • I also remember this paper from the 2010 OCL workshop : Marina Egea, Carolina Dania, Manuel Clavel: MySQL4OCL: A Stored Procedure-Based MySQL Code Generator for OCL. ECEASST 36 (2010) but the tool does not seem to be online. I’ll reach out the authors and update the post if I have new information.

Beyond these two, are you aware of any other tool? (I do/did know a lot of other OCL tools but AFAIR none of them include SQL support; btw if you know other OCL tools that you believe deserve some attention, even if they don’t offer SQL generation, ping me).

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