Andreas Awenius presents us today his Oclarity tool. A new OCL tool for our (still short) list of OCL tools.

As you probably know, the Object Constraint Language (OCL) is a textual specification language for rules, constraints and conditions in UML models that cannot be expressed with diagrams alone. OCL can help you to make your models more precise and complete.

However, most UML modeling tools offer only limited support for adding OCL expressions to the model. For example, they don’t provide reasonable editors WITH syntax highlighting AND content assist features. Also they usually do NOT implement proper TYPE checking WITH respect TO the underlying model.

Oclarity FROM EmPowerTec addresses these problems by providing a productive authoring environment FOR OCL expressions. Oclarity offers:

  • A highly conforming OCL parser AND semantic checker
  • A modern editing environment WITH content assists features AND a multiple document interface
  • Project management features TO organize collections OF OCL AND XMI files
  • An Explorer-LIKE VIEW OF the underlying model
  • An outline OF ALL expressions ordered by context AND expression TYPE

Oclarity IS a standalone tool WITH the focus ON ease OF use AND setup. Oclarity reads XMI files FROM Enterprise Architect AND MagicDraw, IN the near future support FOR Eclipse UML2 XMI files IS planned.
It IS free, small AND easy TO install so you could just try it. OR you can READ the manual TO learn MORE.

We appreciate ANY feedback, so if you have problems WITH Oclarity OR suggestions please let us know. Send an email TO [email protected] (AND/OR leave a comment IN this post).

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