We (Domenico Bianculli, Jordi Cabot and Salvador Martínez)  are organizing the first edition of SecureMDE 2018,  an international workshop on Security for and by Model-Driven Engineering. Co-located with the STAF’18 conference to be held on June 25 in Toulouse, France.

We take the relay from a similar workshop, MdSec’12 organized at Models 2012. We believe that the new challenges and advances to the field in recent years demands the re-installment of such a forum of discussion for MDE and/or security researchers and practitioners.

Indeed, MDE has succeeded to play a key role in many critical tasks related to ICT security, ranging from specifications of secure systems and code generation to system’s security reverse engineering and analysis. Be that as it may, eew domains such as the Internet of Things, Cyber-physical systems and Blockchain-based technologies stress the limitations of previous work and pose new challenges to current model-driven security techniques.

Moreover, the increased adoption of MDE in collaborative scenarios highlights the need for security for MDE itself. The adoption of model-driven engineering in collaborative industrial development scenarios raises security requirements such as confidentiality and integrity. In such collaborative settings, the model, or fragments of it, are assets that must be protected to prevent undesired events such as unauthorized manipulations or IP infringements.

Therefore, SecureMDE 2018 will provide a forum for presenting and discussing a wide range of topics related to the interplay between MDE and Security.  The workshop seeks contributions that provide novel results on the integration of security tools and techniques in MDE development, as well as work-in-progress or experience reports that provide insight into early adoption or requirements. SecureMDE2 018  also looks forward to receiving papers summarizing the state-of-the art and future vision in the general field of MDE for the development and analysis of systems with security requirements.

Topics of the workshop will include (among others):

  • Model-driven development of secure software and systems
  • Domain-specific modeling languages (DSML) for secure software
  • Modeling of access control and privacy policies
  • Model-based generation of test cases for security policies
  • Model-based dynamic security adaptation
  • Model-based security reverse-engineering and analysis
  • Model-based security evolution and co-evolution
  • Model-based verification techniques for security properties
  • Threats, vulnerability, and trust modeling
  • Security systems and languages for MDE
  • Cryptography and obfuscation for MDE
  • IP protection for MDE
  • Requirements for/needs in MDE security
  • MDE for Block-chain technologies and Smart contracts
  • Case studies and experience reports

For more information and submission deadlines, consult the webpage of the workshop at: https://modelia.github.io/secure-mde-workshop/

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