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Non-Functional Requirements in MDD: An Ongoing Industrial Survey

Very few MDD approaches have been reported to deal with NFRs (though they should). To better understand the current practices we have initiated the NFR4MDD project, a multi-national empirical study, based on interviews with companies working on MDD projects.

Can you model requirements?

Discover the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF), an OMG standard commonly used to model requirements, and the tools that support it

Non-functional Requirements in Architectural Decision Making at InfoQ

Our IEEE software paper Non-functional Requirements in Architectural Decision Making is now also available for everybody

Enabling the Collaborative Definition of DSMLs (slides)

Check this summary of Collaboro, our proposal to the collabortive definition of domain-specific languages to be

How do software architects deal with non-functional requirements?

The full results of our exploratory study on how software architects deal with non-functional requirements (based

Architecture Quality revisited

Together with X. Franch, D. Ameller and C. Ayala (all members of the GESSI group), I’ve

Conceptual modelling for the rest of us with ConML

C├ęsar Gonzalez-Perez from the Institute of Heritage Sciences (Incipit) / Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) talks

Two surveys on modeling are waiting for your input

MDE researchers kindly request your help: “In the course of the project MOLIZ, a research project

Choosing the right names for modeling elements

Because picking names is not only hard when it comes to babies…. On 2011, Raúl García-Ranea

Dealing with Non-Functional Requirements in Model-Driven Development

The impact of non-functional requirements (NFRs) over software systems has been widely documented but MDD processes typically ignore them. Here we investigate why and propose a possible solution.