In this keynote talk at “Les journées nationales du GDR GPL” I talk about the concept of Lightweight model-driven engineering.

The “official” abstract for the talk is:

Model-driven engineering pretended to be the silver bullet for software engineering. And it failed, with many quickly dismissing it. But MDE is far from dead. If anything, it’s lurking in the dark.

In this talk, I will try to turn non-believers into new adepts for the MDE cult (in fact, you’re all modelers, whether you accept this universal truth or not!). I will also give MDE followers new and powerful arguments to continue their evangelization based on a new “lightweight” version of MDE.

This lightweight alternative combines a more pragmatic approach of applying MDE in practice, the development of new MDE tools targeting non-technical users (e.g. citizen developers interested in exploiting open data & big data initiatives) and the use of cognification techniques to multiply the effectiveness of MDE.

If you missed the talk you can have a look at the slides. Get in touch if you’d like more information or additional references on any of the aspects I mention there.

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Want to build better software faster?

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