Sirius is an EMF-based Eclipse project that allows you to easily create your own graphical modeling workbench by leveraging Eclipse Modeling technologies, like EMF and GMF. The goal is to provide a a generic workbench for model-based architecture engineering that could be easily tailored to fit the specific needs of your DSL. And since, Sirius follows a viewpoint approach, you can in fact create more than one graphical concrete syntax for your language in order to show different views of the system depending on the profile of the user.

Sirius is said to be “The easiest way to get your own Modeling Tool“. Well, this according to its authors but we’ve used Sirius to create the modeling environment for IFML and we’re very happy with the choice we did. I don’t think right now there’s a better alternative inside the Eclipse ecosystem to quickly create graphical modeling editors for your DSL.

And to convince you even further, there is now a Sirius gallery page to help you “discover concrete examples of modeling tools created with Sirius for various use-cases: Systems Engineering, Software Development, Business Configuration, etc.“. Plenty of tools to get inspiration from!

And if you have already a Sirius-based editor, feel free to submit it for inclusion in the gallery here

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