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Executing ATL transformations from Java

The easiest way to call ATL transformations from a Java class. Unleash the power of the ATL engine outside of its eclipse-plugin capsule

OpenXava: Lightweight Model-Driven Framework

Introduction to the core concepts of OpenXava by its founder. Discover this AJAX Java Framework for Rapid Development of Enterprise Web Applications. – A catalogue of the best JavaScript libraries, plugins and frameworks

Complete database of clientside JavaScript libraries with interesting stats and information for each of them

Put some muscle into your UML: ArnoldC code generator

ArnoldC is a programming language using quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger. This code generator provides creates ArnoldC programs from UML activity diagram.

Dr.Explain: One interface for creating technical documentation

Dr. Explain will help you to create any kind of technical documentation for your software manual or help file. Specially designed for developers.

Walkmod – Open source tool for sharing and applying code conventions

Where are coding conventions specified? How can we detect which source files are violating conventions? And who will fix the code?. Walkmod will help your company to answer these questions!

Executing OCL expressions on plain Java – How to do it?

In twitter, S├ębastien Mosser raised the question of how to execute OCL expressions on plain Java

EasyEclipse for Java (kickstarter project)

Interesting new project in Kickstarter to fund EasyEclipse for Java that is summarized as “Streamlined Java

The Wolfram Language – Knowledge-based programming

Thanks to Johan I’ve discovered this first announcement of the Wolfram Language, a general-purpose knowledge-based language.

A Tutorial on Google Cloud Endpoints (III)

This post finishes with the tutorial about introducing Google Cloud Endpoints. As explained in the previous