All online code generation services now FREE

Big news today. All the online code generation services of this portal are now available for free! Take your simple UML class diagram (see the list of supported UML tools) and generate:

  • SQL DDL scripts for all major databases. Details
  • full-fledged Django (Python) web applications. Details
  • Doctrine models for the Symfony / PHP framework. Details
  • or just exchange models between UML tools. Details

You don’t even need to register as user of the portal.  Just follow this link

If you find them useful please support us by sharing/liking the portal pages and giving us feedback. And of course, check our consulting page to get personalized support for your MDD strategy or an adapted version of the services that answer to your specific code-generation requirements.

Wondering why I’m doing this? I’m afraid the honest answer is quite simple: I wasn’t making money with them so I thought that while I prepare my next offering (I’m already excited about the plans for the future!!) I thought it was better if you could benefit from them for free. See also Good marketing helps but doesn’t do miracles to better understand the decision process that got me here.

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3 Responses to All online code generation services now FREE

  1. Percy McIntosh says:

    GREAT! I really love the code genzez. Do you have the plans to generate VB from the UML?

  2. jordi says:

    Not really, of course unless you are open to pay for it :-)

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