As you have probably noticed, I´m more and more opening the portal to the community, encouraging other modeling experts to participate in this portal by presenting their tools / ideas around model-driven engineering (if you have something to say please drop me a line and we´ll discuss your proposal!).

I believe this makes the portal much more interesting and “live” (and I hope you think the same) but at the same time forces me to explain many times what I do expect from a blog post, its format, etc. So I’m listing here what I expect from you when writing a guest blog post (sure, I won’t kill you if you don’t follow these “politeness rules” but make sure to add me as a conflict of interset for your next paper 🙂 ).

“Before” rules (i.e. what to do before or during the writing of the post):

  • You´re supposed to follow this portal so you know what kind of context I publish here. Anyway, to me, modeling is a very broad concept so don’t hesitate to propose topics that may not seem so modeling oriented at a first sight. Lenght and style is up to you. In general, each post should have one or two figures/schemas (too much text is boring!), a thumbnail (i.e. a logo) a possible and be no more than two/three pages long (“pages” refer to the size of the post if you copy&paste it in a standard word document).
  • Write the post in plain text or rich-text format. If you prefer HTML make sure you don’t use strange tags and only send me the part between the body tags (wordpress already adds the rest when rendering the page!).
  • Send the images as separate files. Size must be under 600 pixels wide. Indicate where in the text each image goes (but adding the img tag is useless since I’ll need to upload them myself)
  • Indicate the author/s of the post plus the URL I should link to when adding you as guest post author in the opening paragraph

“After” rules (i.e. what to do once the post has been published):

  • Do NOT republish the post in your own site (this is an exception to my “Non-killing” rule stated before, you really do not want to do this).
  • If you have a blog, write a post announcing the publication of the guest blog post and linking to the post in the modeling portal.
  • Share the post also in all the social networks that you’re in (and that you use to talk about work). This is a win-win situation, more visitors for the portal means more people reading your text.
  • Promote the portal itself. You’re supposed to like this portal, right? (otherwise why you should be interested in writing a guest post for it?)
  • Monitor the post and answer all comments. Engage with the readers and get feedback on your ideas. That’s not a task, it’s a privilege!

Am I missing something? If so,please leave a comment with your suggestions.

Interested in modeling?

Interested in modeling?

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