After a lot of work, we have now notified the list of papers accepted for Models 2015 both in the foundations and the in practice track.

Each submitted paper was extensively discussed during the online PC meeting, and due consideration was given to author responses that were provided. On July 7-8, 2015, a PB meeting was held in Barcelona, which all PB members had to attend. At that meeting, the paper selection was finalized. This year, out of 132 papers submitted to the Foundations Track, the PC and the PB accepted 35 (26%) and our of the 40 submitted to the In practice track, 11 were accepted (27%).

You can see above a word cloud created with the titles of the accepted (foundations) papers, courtesy of Tag Crowd. Feel free to compare this tag cloud with the one created from the titles of submitted papers.

Congratulations to all authors and I hope to see you all in Ottawa

(and regardless whether you had a paper accepted or not, consider “complementing” your trip by participating as well in one of the many workshops announced already , in particular, take a look at our own Cloud + MDE one )

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