Useful presentations on Model-Driven Engineering (DSLs, UML, Eclipse Modeling technologies,…)

This page aims to collect some of the most useful presentations I’ve found / you’ve recommended to discover and learn about model-driven engineering and all the technologies and concepts under this global umbrella, specially for teaching purposes.

Needless to say this page is in continuous evolution (to begin with I’ve just added here the presentations I had mentioned before in the blog so no surprise that many of them are from my own team, I count on you to open my eyes to other great presentations, no problem if they are your own).

To simplify, I’m limiting myself to presentations available in Slideshare.

Available presentations by category:

Introductory presentations on MDE

From our book: Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice (full set of slides available for instructors)

(in Spanish)

and one that “hat looks at various misconceptions in modeling and model driven software development.”

Presentations on Domain-Specific Languages

Presentations on standard modeling languages

The fUML and Alf standards

Introduction to the OCL Language (taken from this OCL tutorial)

IFML – Interaction Flow Modeling Language

Presentations on Specific Modeling technologies

Model-to-model transformations with ATL

EMF Facet and EMF Profiles are two lightweight extension mechanisms for EMF models


Model-Driven Reverse Engineering with MoDisco

EuGENia: facilitating the creation of Graphical DSLs

Textual DSLs with xText

Model-to-Text transformations with Acceleo

Presentations on specific MDE vendors


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