Book your agendas! Next January 20th Johan den Haan will be the invited speaker for the next event in the Jeudi des Modèles conference series in Nantes.

Title: Why there is no future for Model-Driven Development

Abstract: In this talk I will tell you MY story of developing a successful Model Driven Software Factory with a fast growing user base. I will cover topics like selecting a domain, designing DSLs, growing a DSL (evolution), generating the application, quality and testing, release planning, and creating a user base. I will also tell you how I came to the conclusion that there is no future for Model-Driven Development.

Are you really going to miss this talk?

For those of you that live far from Nantes or that cannot wait, there´s alwasy the option to read the interview I had with him . And, of course, I´m sure that either here or in Johan´s blog will post some kind of summary of the talk.

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