Since my recent “addiction” to podcasts, I’ve started listening to the (very recommended) the Software Engineering Daily. For those that can’t listen to the podcasts posted there, I’ll be bringing here some notes for those that I feel especially interesting and more directly related to the topics we like to talk about here.

Starting with Eric Elliott (author of Programming JavaScript Applications: Robust Web Architecture with Node, HTML5, and Modern JS Libraries, these online courses, and (in a near future) of Learn Universal JavaScript App Development) talking about (universal) JavaScript

Listen to the full podcast and/or read on for my selection of highlights (I bet you’ll find some of them quite controversial 🙂 ) :

If you don't know how to code you'll be illiterate in the future Click To Tweet

(I liked this one so much that I even added it to my “software engineering quotes” list, direct instagram link).

Programming is a form of expression Click To Tweet Everything is a lot easier in JavaScript compared to classical OO like C++ or Java because its flexibility (e.g. writing functions) Click To Tweet Universal Programming: Write your application once. Same codebase works both on the server and the client side. Click To Tweet I've ported software from ruby and php to JavaScript and I've seen tremendous performance gains. Click To Tweet Everybody not using universal JavaScript is wasting a lot of time and money Click To Tweet Rails is not intended to be used for distributed architectures (Twitter learnt this the hard way) Click To Tweet There are quite a few frameworks like Rails for JavaScript. E.g. Keystone or meteor Click To Tweet

(Keystone looks very interesting indeed. It focuses on database-driven web applications and offers very powerful scaffolding functionalities that helps you to quickly create a default UI immediately after your define your domain model)

JavaScript ecosystem is three times the size of the Rails ecosystem Click To Tweet There are not yet best practices for JavaScript. Everything changes so fast (e.g. React with its one-way data flow) Click To Tweet Check time-travel debugging in redux (enabled by the one-day data flow) Click To Tweet Timeless principle in JavaScript: composition over inheritance Click To Tweet I'm a big proponent of class-free programming. And you can do this on React too Click To Tweet Dev Teams: We don't have front-end or backend developers we have universal engineers. Click To Tweet partners with housing & job training programs to provide tech training to those in need Click To Tweet




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