MDE in the Cloud is one of our more recent (and still very preliminary) research topics.

In a collaboration with Marcos Didonet Del Fabro, Cauê Clasen and Massimo Tisi published a paper in the CloudMDE workshop at ECMFA2012 about Transforming Very Large Models in the Cloud.

The paper presents a set of open research issues about coupling model transformations with Cloud-based architectures, with the main objective to handle very large models.

The paper focused on two key aspects for executing model transformations on the Cloud:
– Model storage in the Cloud: how the models are stored, i.e., how to store partial models distributedly and how to hide that to the user of a model management API.
– Model transformation in the Cloud: how the transformation rules are executed distributedly, and how the distributed partial results are combine to produce a coherent output model.

We propose a set of solutions for both problems, and we think we can use existing APIs for data processing in the Cloud, such as MapReduce, to implement a Cloud-based MDE solution.

See the presentation below for a summary of the paper or read the full text

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