Towards the standardization of a web modeling language

Marco Brambilla and Stefano Butti have launched an initiative to make WebML a (OMG) standard modeling language for web applications (especially regarding the user interaction aspects).

IMHO, UML is good to model many things but clearly misses the point when it comes to model complex user interfaces and interactions. Attempts to use UML for this usually end up with complex profiles that are almost impossible to apply.

Therefore, to me having a standard modeling language for web applications is a great idea, specially because at least this time the standard would arrive AFTER the industrial practice has established a standard de facto and not before, as in other cases. And by standard de facto I don’’t mean only WebML, I think most web modeling languages share a similar set of core concepts when it comes to define some aspects of the system (e.g. just compare navigation models by different vendors).

Therefore, YES to start this journey but welcome in it all the other vendors that would like to participate in it. In his reply to my comment, Marco already clarified that getting on board all interested vendors was part of the plan.

What do you think about the idea? I’d love to know your take on this!

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