Richard Paige and Louis Rose just published in the JOT journal the article/post Lies, Damned Lies and UML2Java where they summarize the 10 most dangerous misconceptions about model-driven engineering. For those with no time, this is the list headlines (you´ll need to go to the journal page to read the full details, no paywall!):

  • MDE = UML
  • MDE = UML2Java
  • MDE ⇒ code generation
  • MDE ⇒ transformation.
  • “The MDE process is inflexible.”
  • MDE = MOF/Ecore/EMF
  • Model transformation = Refinement
  • MDE can’t possibly work for real systems engineering because it doesn’t work well in complex domains where there is domain uncertainty.
  • Metamodels never change
  • Modelling ≠ Programming
  • MDE = MDA

I really agree their list is a very accurate representation of what MDE is NOT about (and of course, if you want to know what MDE IS about, take a look at our MDE introductory book!).

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