Dear tool vendor, I know your page includes some success stories where your clients explain how much they improved their productivity when using your tool. I’ve also seen that you have some sample applications so that I can get the idea of how fast I can create a basic data-intensive web application (i.e. a basic CRUD functionality on top of a small data model).

All this is good but I need more than this to convince my project manager into adopting MDE (and buying your tool!). Therefore, I’d like to ask you to create with your tool fully functional clones of popular apps (e.g. facebook, stackoverflow, github,…)? Obviously, you need to generate those clones using a full code-generation or model interpretation approach (and if this is not 100% possible, be clear on where you added manual code and what that code is doing).

Otherwise, there is always the lingering question on whether MDE tools can be useful for more than typical CRUD apps. I know they are but many other people would be more easily convinced if they were able to play online with actual web apps completely created following a MDD approach.

What do you think? Any vendor ready to start working on some clones? (if you do and you make the models behind the clone available that would be awesome; let me know and I’ll be more than happy to highlight your examples in this portal).

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