Not long ago, and with your help, I collected some of the best MDE presentations to teach the various technologies, tools and applications of model-driven engineering.

However, when teaching my MDE course this fall, I realized there was one thing missing: short videos that in less than five minutes (I’m afraid this is the maximum attention time spam you can get from students) showcase the power of MDE. The most typical example would be a video showing how you could go from “simple” models to a running application automatically deployed in the cloud. This is probably the kind of video that could have a greater impact on students not familiar (yet) with MDE. Other examples could be based on reverse engineering scenarios where pointing to a code repository automatically generates a comprehensible model-based view of that code or the use of MDE/DSLs for “cool” domains.

Again, the idea is not to have long videos / tutorials that describe in detail a tool but to have short videos that wake up student’s interest in the topic so that they are more receptive during the course.

So, any suggestions for me? What videos can you recommend me to use?

Interested in modeling?

Interested in modeling?

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