Quality Aspects in Model Driven Engineering (QMDE Track at QUATIC 2016)

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This year I’m cochairing the Quality Aspects in Model Driven Engineering (QMDE Track at QUATIC 2016) together with Marjan Mernik. The track brings together two very important topics (IMHO!): Quality and Model-Driven Engineering to explore how one can help the other.

Let me also bring your attention to the fact that this track is associated with a Special Issue on Quality in Model-Driven Engineering (QMDE) at Computer Languages, Systems and Structures (COMLAN) by Elsevier, and provides an opportunity to have an open discussion and receive feedback in preparation for submission to that special issue. Researchers considering submission to COMLAN special issue are strongly encouraged to submit their papers to the QUATIC’16 Thematic Track on Quality Aspects in Model Driven Engineering.

Below you will find more details for the call for papers. I hope you consider submitting a paper to the track and, at the very least, help us spreading the word! (thanks!).
Call for papers

Model-driven engineering (MDE) refers to a range of approaches where models play an indispensable role in software development. Modeling promotes higher level of abstraction, therefore reducing complexity of software development and promoting communication among the several stakeholders in the development process (e.g. product managers, designers, programmers). MDE initiatives, like OMG’s Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), make claims of increased quality and productivity by separating business and application logic from underlying platform technology, transforming models to other models and automating code generation (ranging from system skeletons to complete, deployable products). However, while quality assurance is a well-known topic in “traditional” Software Engineering, less is known on how to assess quality across the MDE lifecycle (encompassing new activities such as metamodel engineering or transformations specification), as well as on the effective improvements obtained by applying MDE itself, face to not using it at all.

We seek novel contributions ranging from conceptual frameworks to case studies on how to leverage ICT systems quality with MDE techniques, as well as how to induce quality assurance in the MDE lifecycle itself. Suggested topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

  • Quality models in the MDE context
  • Quality assurance in the MDE development flow
  • Evaluating the quality of models and metamodels
  • Models’ traceability throughout the lifecycle
  • Assessing quality in model transformations
  • Measuring the improvement achieved with an MDE approach, specially regarding quality
  • Quality in the context of model-driven service oriented systems
  • Case studies and lessons learned in applying MDE in industry
  • Empirical studies on the quality of MDE processes
  • Modeling and analyzing quality standards
  • Role of MDE in the quality evaluation of software maintenance, evolution and migration scenarios

Important dates:

Paper submission: Sunday, April 10, 2016
Author’s notifications: Sunday, May 15, 2016
Camera ready submission: Sunday, June 19, 2016

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