For those of you looking for a PhD or Postdoc position in Software Engineering, take a look at the latest offers we have published on our team website . We are looking for candidates in a variety of topics (model-driven engineering, software analytics, formal methods, open data,…).

In particular, we want to announce the following job offer:

Open call for 1 Postdoc & 1 PhD position on Machine Learning for Software Engineering (joint supervision with CEA List)

CEA List  and Open University of Catalonia seek applications for a postdoc and a PhD position in the application of machine learning to (model-driven) system and software engineering. The selected candidates will be co-supervised between DR. Sébastien Gerard  (Head of the LISE labs at CEA LIST, Paris) and Prof. Jordi Cabot (head of the SOM Lab, UOC, Barcelona). The candidate will be hosted by CEA in Paris but will carry out regular visits to Barcelona. PhD Funding is for a 3 years period. The postdoc position is for one year (with the possibility of extending the contract afterward). Working language in both teams is English.

The topic of the work will be the Cognification of model-driven engineering. Cognification is the application of knowledge (inferred from large volumes of information using machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques) to boost the performance and impact of an engineering process. The work will evaluate and adapt cognification to Model-Driven Engineering (and Systems and Software Engineering in general) as a way to improve current software development processes.

One way would be the creation of smart bots to assist the engineers. A first example could be the creation of modeling bot playing the role of virtual modeling assistant able to suggest modeling improvements based on its knowledge of previous models for the same domain, ontologies or learned modeling best practices. A second example could be a process bot (e.g., an ISO26262 bot) that will assist engineers to design complex systems conforming certification processes such as ISO26262 in the automotive system domain. See other examples.

Concrete implementation of the results will take place in the context of the Papyrus open-source project.

For the PhD position, only highly qualified PhD candidates with a master’s degree in computer science should apply. For postdocs, a proven research track record in the related fields is expected. For both positions, the required skills include excellent knowledge in the field of software engineering, good programming skills and knowledge of machine learning techniques.

Applications (and any inquiry) should be sent by email *as soon as possible* to both Sébastien Gerard ( [email protected] ) and Jordi Cabot ([email protected])

The application must contain:

  • a motivation letter including a statement of your research interests
  • a full curriculum vitae, including list of publications if any
  • a minimum of two contacts that can provide letters of recommendation

Applications not complying with the above requirements will not be considered.

Positions are to be filled as soon as possible.


If you think you’re the right person for the job, contact us as soon as possible.

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