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The OMG (the consortium behind most of the modeling standards in use nowadays) is currently working on several new/evolved specifications. Here is my summary:

  • Systems Modeling Language . SysML is a general-purpose
    graphical modeling language for systems engineering, covering the specification, analysis, design and verification of complex systems (including the hardware, software, information, personnel,
    procedures, and facilities aspects of the system). The OMG is currently requesting all kinds of inputs on the language to prepare its second version.
  • Case Management . Proposals for a meta-model specification for modeling case management systems can now be submitted. Typical examples of case management systems are call centers or management of formal customers’ complaints.
  • UML Profile FOR MARTE. This profile facilitates the modeling AND MDD OF REAL TIME AND Embedded Systems. SECOND revision has been now finished.
  • Definition OF the MoDAF AND DoDAF unified profile TO define the views prescribed by the MoDAF AND DoDAF reference models. BOTH approaches ARE aimed AT supporting the creation OF enterprise AND systems architecture specifications.
  • Report OF the revision task force ON the OCL 2.1 standard . Among other improvements I’m happy to see the new functions for the String type and a better definition of some aspects of Collection types.
  • EXPRESS Metaodel . The EXPRESS language is used to represent product information needed for the exchange of industrial product data (following STEP ). The revision of the metamodel is now finalized.
  • MDA Tool Component . An MDATC is a packaging unit for any kind of MDA-related artifacts. The MDATC provides a standard auto description of the artifact (by means of manifest files) to all MDA tools that may want to use it. This facilitates the integration of different tools in a single MDA-process. MDATC is an adaptation of the existing Reusable Assets Specification. The link points to a new proposal submission for this future standard.
  • BPMN 2 Revised submission for the upcoming new version of the Business Process Modeling Notation. In short, BPMN is a graphical notation for expressing workflows and business processes. In fact, BPMN resembles a lot the activity diagrams part of the UML language (of course, they are not exactly equal but…). Since both are OMG standards, I wonder if someday they will be merged in a single notation. Somebody knows something about it? (or knows why this is not a good idea?)


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