Last Monday I officially started my new job at École des Mines de Nantes as the future new leader of the AtlanMod team (an Inria research group). Thanks God during the first months I’ll be co-leading the group together with Jean Bézivin. I need to really make a good use of this time together!!

The AtlanMod team is responsible for many very popular model-driven technologies (as ATL, TCS, AMW, KM3, …), all of them available as part of the Eclipse platform. I’ll feature them in the blog during the next months.

Starting a new job implies quitting the old ones. So, regretfully, I’ve said goodbye to my postdoctoral stay aspart of the SE group at the CS Department of the University of Toronto and to my senior lecturer position at the open University OF Catalonia . Thanks to all my colleagues in both places for all the things they have taught me during these last years!!

Wish me luck in my new position!!!


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