I think it’s time to revisit Niklaus Wirth famous equation:

Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs

from a MDE (didactic) perspective. I propose the following  MDE equation:

Models + Transformations  = Software

Of course, it’s a simplification of the reality (well, in the same way Wirth’s one was, in both cases we omit, for instance, the grammar/metamodels involved) but gives a very simple way to explain what MDE is to novices (as we pretend to do in our future book).

In fact, we can even go one step further (once novices have understood the basics!).  Since transformations can be represented themselves as models, we could just write:

Models + (Transformation) Models  = Software

which could be “conceptually” simplified as:

Models = Software

that cleary shows that MDE practitioners have the absolute truth to software development 🙂

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