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It makes sense to dedicate one of the first posts in the blog to list the (supposed) benefits of modeling (and model-driven development processes). Some commonly mentioned benefits are:

  • It improves the productivity of the development team
  • It reduces the number of defects in the final code
  • It improves the understandability of the system (which btw, eases the integration of new team members)
  • It increases the decomposition and modularization of the system
  • It facilitates the system’s evolution AND maintenance
  • If facilitates the reuse OF parts OF the system IN new projects

Do you agree WITH these benefits? Which ones should be removed? Which ones added?

In future posts we will discuss about whether theses benefits have been tested AND about the reason why if there ARE so many benefits, modeling IS NOT MORE widely adopted by practitioners (that’s why I say that these benefits are “supposed”).

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Want to build better software faster?

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