By now I’m sure all of you know about our introductory book to the world of model-driven (software) engineering, right? (if not, this is your chance to buy it! Kindle version also available).

The book is widely used to teach MDE around the world (see the current list of teaching institutions that have adopted our book in their courses and please if you do as well and you’re not in the list let us know so that we can add you as well!) and to help with that we decided to create a full set of slides for the book.

You can all view the slides for free and even download them as pdfs (teaching instructors using our book can get in touch with myself, Marco or Manuel to get also the original powerpoint files to be able to adapt the slides to their specific needs) or just write to [email protected].

Below you have the direct link to the slides of each chapter and the embedded slides. Enjoy! and, of course, if you enjoy them enough “like” and “share” them! (and do not forget to send us your feedback / comments, appreciated).

Want to build better software faster?

Want to build better software faster?

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